18 hole s/f

(Kindly sponsored by O’ Flynn Building & Project Management Ltd)

1st: Sheila Nugent (34) 37pts

                                                 2nd: Phil Crotty (21) 36pts

                                             Gross: Fidelma O’ Connor (10) 24pts

Spring League 14 hole S/F

Week 2 Best Individual Score

Phil Crotty (21) 34pts

14 hole ongoing

Winner: Barbara Lucey (23) 29pts

14 hole ongoing

Winner: Theresa Cremin (27) (23) 31pts

Spring League 14 hole s/f

Week 1 Best individual score

Eilish O’ Connor (20) 33pts

12 hole s/f
Winner: Mary Corbett (26) 24pts
12 hole s/f

(Meat Voucher)

Winner: Bernie O’ Connor (17) 30pts


12 hole s/f

(Meat Voucher)

Winner: Nuala Meade (21)…27pts

Women’s Little Christmas

(3 ball Scramble)

1st: Bernie O’ Connor (17)

Nuala Meade (21)

Martina Dennehy (23)…38.9

2nd:Una Fitzpatrick (20)

Betty McCarthy (33)

Pat Buckley (35)…39.2

12 hole s/f

(Meat Voucher)

Winner: Bernie O’ Connor (17) 28pts


Christmas Prizes

12 hole s/f

(Kindly sponsored by Deirdre Sheehan)

1st: Anna O’ Riordan (29) 30pts

                             2nd: Fidelma O’ Connor (10) 26pts (on back 6)

                         Gross: Yvonne Sadlier (13) 17pts

                             3rd: Kitty Hennessy (30) 26pts

12 hole s/f

(Meat Voucher)

Winner: Liz Sheehy (38)


12 hole s/f

Winner: Catherine Murphy (24) 30pts

18 hole s/f

(Kindly sponsored by Helen Mackessy)

1st: Ann O’ Sullivan (31) 38pts

2nd: Mary O’ Shea (22) 37pts

Gross: Trudy Brosnan (12) 22pts


18 hole s/f

(Kindly sponsored by Jack McCarthy)

Winner : Kate O’ Brien (17) 37pts


18 hole s/f

(Kindly sponsored by Barry &Fitzwilliam

1st: Liz Sheehy (38) 38pts

                                 2nd: Trudy Brosnan (12) 36pts (on back 9)

                             Gross: Bernie O’ Connor (17) 18pts



18 hole S/F Autumn Competition

(Kindly sponsored by Liam O’ Flynn)

1st: Phil Crotty (22) 42pts (on back 1)

                      2nd: Catherine Murphy (26) 42pts

                 Gross: Trudy Brosnan (12) 26pts


18 hole S/f  (Member’s Prize)

Winner: Phil Crotty (24) 42pts


18 hole S/F (Christmas Hamper)

(Kindly sponsored by Derry and Una Fitzpatrick)

1st: Liz Sheehy (40) 40pts

                                 2nd: Mary Moran (25) 39pts (on back 9)

Gross: Trudy Brosnan (11) 21pts

18 hole S/F

(Kindly sponsored by Barbara and Jimmy Lucey)

1st: Kate O’ Brien (17) 39pts

                             2nd: Bernie O’ Connor (16) 38pts (on back 9)

Gross: Eilish O’ Connor (20) 19pts

                                3rd: Pat O’ Grady (23) 37pts (on back 9)

Wednesday only competition

Winner: Liz Sheehy (41) 41pts

18 hole stroke/medal

(Kindly sponsored by John Pigott Jeweller)

Winner: Kay Meade (26) 65nett

   Lady President’s (Mary Moran)Prize

18hole s/f

1st: Mary Fitzpatrick (20) 41pts

    2nd: Karen O’ Donoghue (26) 40pts

                        Gross: Fidelma O’ Connor (10) 25pts

     3rd: Nuala Meade (21) 39pts (on b9)

                            4th: Bernie O’ Connor (17) 39pts

                                              Cat 0-18:Deirdre Sheehan (16) 38pts

                                          Cat: 19-28:Joan Cremin (23) 38pts

                                           Cat 29-36: Anna O’ Riordan (29) 38pts

                                  Past President:Mary Tarrant (33) 32pts

                                                Senior: Kay Meade (26) 36pts

                                              Front 9: Eilish O’ Connor (20) 21pts

      Back 9: Ursula Desmond(14) 19pts (on back 3)


1st:Rose Browne (45) 18pts

2nd:Maura Dunlea (45) 15 pts

3rd:Carmel Buckley (45) 13pts



Play in Pink

4ball better ball

(Kindly sponsored by Joe and Mary Kearns)

1st: Karen O’ Donoghue (26/23)

           Sheila Nugent (35/32)…50pts

                              2nd: Phil Crotty (23/21)

                                       Martina Dennehy (23/21)…44pts on back 9

                           Gross: Trudy Brosnan (11/10)

                  Catherine Murphy (25/23)… 30pts

                               3rd: Mary O’ Shea (22/20)

                        Joan Cremin (23/21) …44pts on back 9

                               4th: Una Fitzpatrick (20/18)

                                       Liz Sheehy (41/37) …44pts

                              5th: Anna O’ Riordan (28/26)

                          Noreen Doherty (16/14)…43pts on back 9

                          6th: Aoibheann Daly (19/17)

   Sheila Buckley(28/25)…43pts

                            7th: Marie Murphy (24/22)

                  Eileen Deady (36/29)…42pts on back 9

                            8th: Carmel Buckley (45/41)

                                 Helen Mackessy (45/41)…42pts on back 6

                             9th: Kay Meade (26/23)

                      Abbie Buckley (30/27)…42pts on back 9


17 hole s/f

(Kindly sponsored by Michael O’ Riordan)

Winner: Kay Meade (26)…41pts


3ball scramble

(Kindly sponsored by Men’s President Tim Cremin)

1st:Kate O’ Brien (17)

           Theresa Cremin (27)

                 Ann O’ Flynn (45)…30.1

2nd:Ursula Desmond (14)

     Kitty Hennessy (29)

       Liz Sheehy (41)…31.6


18 hole s/f

(Kindly sponsored by Kelly’s Bar)

1st: Bernie O’ Connor (17) 42pts

2nd: Liz Sheehy (41) 37pts on back 9


18 hole S/F

(Kindly sponsored by Sheehan’s Butchers)

1st: Phil Crotty (23) 39pts

             2nd: Catherine Murphy (25) 38pts


Eileen Murphy Foursomes

Winners: Eilish O’ Connor (20)

                                  Catherine Murphy (25)…40pts


18 hole stroke/medal

(Kindly sponsored by Fitzgerald Insurances)

1st: Pat O’ Grady (24) 64 nett

2nd: Kate O’ Brien (18) 65 nett


Open Day (3 ball Scramble)

(Kindly sponsored by Twohig’s Super Valu)

1st:Yvonne Sadlier (12)

   Nuala Meade (21)

                Goretti Cronin (21)…59.6


2nd: Dee Sheehan (15)

                Bernie O’ Connor (17)

                           Theresa Kelleher (45)…61.3


3rd: Susan Coakley (10)

         Marie Murphy (26)

                         Winifred Downey (36)…62.8


Wed/Sun only competition

Winner: Ann O’ Sullivan (33) ….39pts


18 hole S/F

(Kindly sponsored by Jo’s Boutique)

1st: Ann O’ Sullivan (32)… 42 pts (on back 9)

2nd: Sheila Buckley (29)….42pts

Gross: Breda McElligot (21)..19pts


18 hole S/F

(Kindly sponsored by Guinness)

1st: Karen O’ Donoghue (30) ..45pts

2nd: Martina Dennehy (23) ..39pts

Gross: Bernie O’ Connor (17) ..22pts


Lady Captain Eilish O’ Connor’s Prize


1st: Joan Cremin (24) 64nett

         2nd: Mairead Moynihan (28) 65nett

Gross: Trudy Brosnan (12) 78

3rd: Phil O’ Sullivan (31) 65nett

4th: Ann O’ Sullivan (33) 66nett

       5th: Karen O’ Donoghue (30) 68nett

Category 0-15: Ursula Desmond (14) 68nett

Category 16-28: Martina Dennehy (23) 69nett

Category 29-54: Bridie O’ Sullivan (37) 69nett

Front 9: Kate O’ Brien (18) 42

Back 9: Margaret Fitzgerald (22) 42

Past Captain: Una Fitzpatrick (20) 70nett

Seniors: Bernie O’ Connor (17) 70nett



1st: Phil White (23) 39pts

2nd: Liz Kelleher (16) 35pts


Get into Golf

                1st: Mary Gayer/Marie Murphy/Janet Kelly…45

                 2nd: Carmel Buckley/Jo Aspel/Maura Bradley..51

3rd: Theresa Kelleher/Betty Twomey..52


18 hole S/F

(Kindly sponsored by Presents of Mind)

1st: Mary Moran (25) 40pts (on the back 9)

2nd: Anna O’ Riordan (29) 40pts

Gross: Fidelma O’ Connor (9) 25pts

18 hole S/F

(Kindly sponsored by Vice Captain Patricia Buckley)

1st: Karen O’ Donoghue (32)..42pts

2nd: Margaret Fitzgerald (22)..38pts

Gross: Trudy Brosnan (12)..22pts



Open Day (Fourball)

(Kindly sponsored by Hannah’s Jewellery)

1st: Breda McElligot (21)

                 Phil O’ Sullivan (31)..46pts


2nd: Mary O’ Shea (21)

                  Joan Cremin (24)..45pts


3rd: Trudy Brosnan (12)

                                                Catherine Murphy (25)..44pts (on back 9)


4th: Carol Linehan (33)

                                          Sheila Nugent (35)..44pts (on back 6)


18 hole s/f

(Kindly sponsored by Value Tech)

1st: Sheila Nugent (36) 42 pts

2nd: Mary Moran (25) 39 pts

3rd: Phil Crotty (23) 39 pts


Get into Golf

3 ball scramble

Winners: Maura Dunlea/ Noreen O’ Connor/ Maura Bradley 27..on back 3


18 hole Stroke Medal

(Kindly sponsored by Men’s Captain Brendan O’ Neill)

1st: Breda McElligot (21) 68 nett

2nd: Anna O’ Riordan (29) 70 nett

Gross: Trudy Brosnan (11) 81


18 hole s/f

(Kindly sponsored by The Shoe Boutique)

1st: Sheila Nugent (36) 37pts

2nd: Mary Moran (25) 37pts

       Gross: Fidelma O’ Connor (9) 24pts


18 hole stroke medal

(Kindly sponsored by Graces)

1st: Margaret Fitzgerald (23) 67

2nd:Ursula Desmond (14) 68

Gross: Fidelma O’ Connor (10) 79


Open Day..3Ball

(Kindly sponsored by Kanturk Credit Union)

1st: Una Fitzpatrick (20 )/ Betty O’ Connor (28 )/ Ann O’ Sullivan (36 )…55pts

2nd: Deirdre Sheehan (14 )/ Kate O’ Brien (18 ) /Margaret Fitzgerald (23 )…52pts

3rd: Yvonne Sadlier (12 ) /Breda Kelleher (19 ) /Goretti Cronin (21 )…46pts


18 hole S/F

(Kindly sponsored by JJ Appliances)

Winner: Kay Meade (26) 35pts


18 hole s/f

(Kindly sponsored by Central Stores)

Winner: Phil Crotty (23) 41 pts


18 hole s/f

(Kindly sponsored by North Cork Creameries)

1st: Phil Crotty (23) 37pts

       2nd: Breda McElligott (21) 35pts


18 hole s/f

Member’s prize

Winner: Bernie O’ Connor (17) 36pts


18 hole S/F

(Kindly sponsored by Cronin’s Butchers)

1st: Trudy Brosnan (11) 32pts

2nd: Kay Meade (26) 28pts


Spring League

(Kindly sponsored by EPS)

12 hole s/f 3 cards

1st: Team A

Abbie Buckley, Kay Meade, Mairead Moynihan, Catherine Murphy…..220 pts

2nd: Team E

Sheila Buckley, Betty O’ Connor, Eileen O’ Connor, Phil Crotty…219 pts

3rd: Team F

 Anna O ‘ Riordan, Mary Moran, Martina Dennehy, Pat Buckley…210 pts


12 hole S/F

Winner: Martina Dennehy (23) 24 pts

12 hole S/F

Winner: Sheila Nugent (36) 30 pts


Good Friday 3ball Champagne Scramble

(Kindly Sponsored by Bobs Bar)

Winners: Kay Meade (26)

                           Anna O’ Riordan (29)

                                          Abbie Buckley (29)……..33 pts